Oct 13 - Oct 27 2018

Join us in Italy, October 2018, for one of our most popular art destinations on our schedule. Artists – instructors Olga Rybalko, Bill Higginson and your host Mark Glavina in Rome will guide you on this painting holiday full of inspiration. Our art adventure begins with four magical nights exploring Rome’s architectural and artistic jewels. Departing Rome we continue north through the Tuscan countryside to the beautiful medieval city of Siena where we continue our painting adventure and experiencing the magic of Italy and la dolce far neinte,the sweet idleness that makes any trip to Italy complete.  Our journey continues to one of the most important art Cities on the planet, the epicenter of Italian Renaissance, Florence. Return to Rome for your departure flight home or join Bill and Olga in Venice for a 3 day extension,  before travelling back to Rome for you departure flight home.





October 14- 18

Our Art adventure begins in the
magnificent City of Rome: from the
Pantheon to the Colosseum, the
Spanish Steps to Trevi Fountain and the Vatican, no other city in the world can compare to this epic array of history, art, architecture, and glorious monuments assembled in this
iconic travel destination. Since all
roads lead to Rome, this city is
where we start and finish our tour.



October 18 - 22

The historic centre of Siena has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. It is one of the nation's most visited tourist attractions, with over 163,000 international arrivals in 2008. Siena is famous for its cuisine, art, museums, medieval cityscape and the Palio, a horse race held twice a year.



October 22 - 26

The jewel of Italian Renaissance,
Florence holds its audience
captive like Michelangelo’s
David holds his majestic pose.
Visitors to this stunningly
beautiful city will be completely
absorbed by the magic of its
views of the Arno river and the
art on display in its world renowned
museums … and left
dreaming of a return visit.

Guest Artists

Bill Higginson

From a very young age, I’ve never had a choice where art is concerned. My school days were spent thinking about art in math class, “adorning” all of my text books with mindless scribble and staying late to paint. As a young man it encroached upon every day in a hundred tiny ways. Nothing has changed since then, really. My experiences of illness, army, international travel and many other things have influenced my art. In hard times, art has been a way back to life, both literally and figuratively. I believe that art can change the way you see the world, and this belief is a primary motivation to why I create. My art has now reached many countries through Asia, Europe, North and South America, and hundreds of businesses and private homes. This validation feeds my energy, my optimism and my story. My journey is fed by my supporters and if you are one of them, you have my heart, my soul and my utmost respect on your wall. Art is life, and the only one I want to live. I have suffered for it, I have given my life to it, and do it because I believe in the transformative power of art.

Olga Rybalko

Olga is a representational painter who captures the urban and natural landscape with a unique attention to the magic of each place. She combines her artistic passion with her love of art to create scenery that captures the mind and the heart.At the age of 13, Olga’s family moved to Vancouver; immigrating to Canada would prove to be one of the most important experiences of her life. “It helped shape my character and my art. Being thrown into such a multicultural country opened so many possibilities for travel and learning. Most of all, it meant that I could make my dream of being an artist a reality.

Mark Glavina

Mark Glavina studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Capilano College and has worked as a teacher and illustrator with various contracts, including background painting for animation as well as private contracts and commissions, and has established a reputation as a muralist. In the 90’s he turned to developing his own fine art, exploring environmental and cultural issues, as well as working with the figure and portrait. Mark has been teaching and facilitating art for over 20 years, encouraging the benefits of art education for all ages, and is a pioneer of Community Public Art.

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October 13th 2018

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October 27th 2018



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  • Our tour package includes all administration and teaching fees, hotel and airport transfers, hotel rooms, breakfast each day, as well as some other meals outlined in our itinerary, all tours listed in our itinerary including driver and guide.

The tour also includes instruction and administration fees for all painting demos & classes.